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Do All Your Cyber Research In One Easy Place
We bring over 50 Cyber datasets together, along with mapping and your own custom data, into one simple and powerful interface. We tie everything together so you can see anything in a few clicks.

Want to find all webcams in your city on a given port? Want to search Threat Intelligence or The Dark Web for info about your company? Want to find all Known SQL injection attacks? Want to know how to mitigate buffer overflow problems? Want to know what versions of your product are vulnerable to a particular exploit?

It is all here. It is all simple.

Threat Dog lets you Search Many Online Sources of News at the Same Time
You can now search many different online news feeds at once, in many languages.

Find out what CVEs or other threats are being talked about in the public media, find out what threats are in the process of affecting people worldwide.

Note: This feature requires an API Key from the data provider, Webhose.io.

You Can Now Search The Dark Web with Threat Dog!
You can now search The Dark Web. See who is talking about you and your company on The Dark Web, or what is being said about vulnerabilities, tools, threats, etc.

Note: This feature requires an API Key from the data provider, Webhose.io.

MS15-034 Windows Vulnerability in HTTP.sys Could Allow Remote Code Execution
The vulnerability could allow remote code execution if an attacker sends a specially crafted HTTP request to an affected Windows system. This vulnerability can be mapped in host search by putting MS15-034 in the CVE field.
Threat Dog now integrates with IBM XForce Exchange for searching case files and application profiles.
Have an XFE account? If so, we integrate their data into your experience on our site.
We Now Integrate TAXII / STIX Data
We import and index many public and private collections from several TAXII servers. Know of one we don't have? Let us know and we will make it available too.
New CPE Keyword Search
This feature offers a passive and undetectable correlation between CVEs and possible host targets. A user can quickly see a ranked list of CPE keywords and potential host counts for each.
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